Saturday, June 20, 2015

Guest Napkin: Audrey and Jane Wasilewski

How many Polaks does it take to draw on a napkin? Two, Audrey & Jane Wasilewski.

Audrey: Actress and voice-over artist. Gift wrapper (and rapper). Wig mistress. Master mimicker. Amateur detective. Dance-floor diva. Daydream believer and a homecoming queen. 

Jane: Instructional designer at Warner Bros. Serial picture taker. Internet junkie. Amateur culinarian. Lover of cured meats and cheeses. Chronic insomniac. Disco is dead denier.

Their glasses are always half full... of wine. Their stomachs are full of glutens. Their iPods are full of "This American Life" episodes, Bobby Darin songs and shame. They share a passion for programmatic architecture, roadside attractions, puns, live music of any kind, and problem solving. Both of them are paralyzed by the though of a blank canvas... but can solve just about any problem by making things out of stuff; whatever you give them, they will McGyver their way through it.   

Together they can not only change a light bulb but they can write a haiku, fashion a limerick, design custom photo art, or build a website for their favorite geriatric rock n' roll teen idol, Jimmy Angel. Do yourself a favor, check him out; you won't be disappointed: