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Napkin #1012

I will happily send this to the first current member of Spyro Gyra who draws a Guest Napkin in trade. The race is on gentlemen.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Guest Napkin: Kevin McGonagle

Kevin works in aerospace... which makes him the third smartest person to appear on the site and the second smartest in his household. 

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Guest Napkin: David Gassman

David is an award-winning creative marketing maniac who has created hilarious advertising for Kraft, P&G, Jack in the Box, Qwest, Ikea, Nissan, Activision, NPR, and tons of other major brands. He has his own company called Ethel Avenue and a portfolio at davidgassman.comHe is lucky enough to be married to the great Johanna Stein and father to the great Sadie Gassman.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Guest Napkin: Macklin Dwyer

Macklin Dwyer is the creator of Happy Town, a bi-weekly comic on his tumblr and blog. Follow for a new comic every Tuesday and Thursday, or perhaps Macklin will post one of his regrettable films.  

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