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The following article first appeared in the Fur Commission Crime Log, December 9, 1963 and is reproduced with the commission's permission.

Mount Angel Oregon: The largest act of eco-terrorism ended on a disastrous note with the release of 10,000 minks from a local breeder's ranch. The tragic incident occurred earlier this morning when the herd regrettably came head-to-head with the Mount Angel Mink Eaters Society Pancake Breakfast. Ed Lawler a representative for the Mink Eaters, said through a fur covered smile, "Other than the birth of my son, it was the greatest day of my life." 

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Choose Fresh

Six minutes later I got to tell the man what I wanted on my sandwich. 

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Ever see a 14 year old girl with a baby in one hand and hickeys on her neck and all you can think is, ”Well, at least she’s dating again.”

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I'm in the lavatory at Del Taco washing my hands then I thought to myself, “Wait a second, I don’t work here.”

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