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Guest Napkin: Ron Gallop

Ron's a former comic, TV parrot voice, and current Speech-Language Pathology Professor. It's a common career path.

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Guest Napkins: Evan R. Spears

Evan R. Spears is an artist, illustrator, person, and lover living in the mercilessly dismal high desert. He self-publishes comics and zines and attempts to sell them at comic book conventions and book fairs across southern California. When he's not doing comic-related-stuff, he can probably be found in the garage at his work bench taking apart GI Joes.

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Guest Napkin: Steve Cooper

Steve is an affable gent and past episodes of his radio show can be heard at and his twitter observances can be read @coopertalk.

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Guest Napkin: Chris Mancini

Chris is a comic, author, filmmaker, and parent, which also makes him very tired.  Chris is the co-founder of comedyfilmnerds.coma movie website and podcast that features comedians reviewing movies and talking about film.  He is also one of the founders of the first ever Los Angeles Podcast Festival, (Oct 12-14) and would like you to buy a ticket.

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