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Guest Napkin: Rebecca Lord

Rebecca is the artist for the unofficial Disneyland event Tiki Day. She also enjoys painting monsters. Check out her painting at the Dr. Who art show at Meltdown on November 1st.

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Bring a Matta Napkin to Life: Charlie Blondell

Now why aren't you doing one? It couldn't be easier... pick one to breathe some life into... take a picture of your recreation and e-mail it to:

I'll send a hand drawn Matta Napkin to the three entries with the most votes.

Hope to see you soon on the site.


PS. Here are yesterday's stats:

Bring a Matta Napkin to Life is not limited to the continental United States. It has no boarders... as long as your country has napkins you are eligible. Philippines I'm counting on you.

PPS. Charlie works at crowd-sourcing film distributor Gathr Films. Check out the buzz at

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Guest Napkin: Giddy Girlie

Giddy Girlie was born in a hospital, then lived in a house. She continues to enjoy indoor living and modern plumbing and climate control. When feeling particularly refreshed, she likes to make things. She paints, she embroiders, she crochets, she sculpts, and she can even decorate a cake.

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Bring a Matta Napkin to Life: Suzy Nakamura

The gauntlet has been thrown down by Gideon and Suzy's stunning recreation of their Guest Napkin. 

Get YOUR entry in immediatly! 

It's simple... pick one from the site... re-enact it... take a picture... and send it to:

I'll send an original Matta Napkin to the top three with the most votes. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the site.



PS. For more Suzy stuff go quickly to:

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Guest Napkins: GW Duncanson

GW Duncanson is a visual artist, musician and filmmaker. 

Please follow his tumblr blog CASH-MONEY-CARTOONS because it's updated with interestingly varied content in the form of new visual art most every day. 

Also please take the time check out one of his musical endeavours HERE 

For further information, business or pleasure THIS link will enable you to "start a dialog".

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