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Guest Napkin: Tony Artur

Tony plays music and makes perfume. You can find his music at: BROTHER EYE and follow this sweet link for his perfume: A BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

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We've got almost three up... two have already been taken down.

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Guest Napkin: Karl Herlinger

Karl is from Kailua, Hawai'i. He has traveled to Russia, Poland, Taiwan and Baltimore with TICM Dance/Theater Company, teaching and performing acting to dancers. He is a professional level ventriloquist. He studied/performed Russian clowning with Slava Polunin in Slava's Snowshow OffBroadway. He has 2 children with the love of his life. Karl's been on both the original and the reboot of Hawaii 50 (different role though). Follow him at and @regnilreh.

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A behind the scene look at the Matta Napkin cover photo shoot.  If you're not already a fan of celebrity photographer Chris Haston I suggest you do so immediately! On the stool is my celebrity editor Rose Abdoo and look for her this Tuesday on NBC's The Grinder

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Guest Napkin: Gary Selinger

Gary is a Market Researcher by trade and gets his creative kicks through telling stories with data, endless puns, and witty Facebook posts. Gary's film career is limited to a never-released (as far as he knows) Matta production in 1982. If you follow him on Twitter (@selingge) he may crack 10 followers and feel obligated to tweet.

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