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Guest Napkin: Tom Weeter

Tom is a husband and father of 2 little girls (almost 7 and 4). His sanity in 10 years will be questionable. His degree in Theatre Communications allows his bedtime stories to be more interesting. During the day he works with demographics and GIS, which is as exciting as it sounds. In October he is going to run his first Tough Mudder and is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project, if you'd like to help you can go here:

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Valentine's Day Guest Napkin: Megan Duke Lewis

I am a 28, married, mom of 2 girls. Powered by multiple cups of coffee, I spend my rare free time doing home renovations, amateur photography, and light-hearted blogging. I enjoy doodling, script-writing, and using power tools; but I spend most of my time changing diapers, picking up toys, and discovering what my new puppy has destroyed on the hour, every hour. A talented multi-tasker, I have typed all this with one hand while waiting on hold with my insurance provider. Yes, you really can have it all.

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Guest Napkin: Shaun Parker

Shaun is a struggling actor (mainly because he's so overweight, you should see him put on socks... seriously, he totally has to hold his breath just to bend over) living in Los Angeles for the last 7 years. He hails from Wisconsin where he desperately misses fried cheese called "Cheese Curds". His greatest achievement, he has no connection to, is having his full name mentioned 7 times in the 2010 movie "The Social Network". 

His crappy reels can be found at: and his twitter handle is @shaunparker.

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Guest Napkin: David M. Beach

David is a Los Angeles actor, comedian and now - author. Just trying to do the best he can. Check out his book Fetzers Tale.

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Special Guest Napkin: Hannah Bella Lee

Hannah is a lovely 7-year-old artist who lives with her parents Jake & Heather and dogs Jasper & Josie. She enjoys drawing, singing and songwriting.